Synthus, the new album from Seabat, was released this month on Beer On The Rug.

From Decoder Magazine:
"Synthus is less soundscapes and more sculpted 'objects'...'The Hotdog Man' has time to take a few hairpin turns, built on a heady beat and unexpectedly closed out by a satisfying 'uga chaka' and guitar shred."

From No Smoking Media:
"Descriptors commonly thrown around are vaporwave and post-internet. Seabat’s music could certainly be described by these labels, but that’s reductionist – [their] music is ambient sound design, incarnated in a dreamy long-form composition."

From Ghost FM:
"...meditative experimental Zipcoaster ride in a water park that through a deliberate shift reaches a static end on a solitary sandy beach."

From Tiny Mix Tapes:
"We find ourselves in this music, suddenly, in the late afternoon, as the shadows lengthen around a city plaza; the only person in the plaza, an immigrant with a hot dog stand, checks his T-Mobile Galaxy phone for a text from his wife, who just gave birth to twin girls."

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